The Cash Wheat Market Price Breaches $10 In America! Buy Food (Bread, Cereal, Pasta) Before The Panicking Horde Of Walmart Zombies!

Concerned about food price inflation, supply chain disruptions or the Russian fertilizer export ban? You’ll probably need to stock up on wheat and food made from wheat too…



I used an example of the cash wheat market from this grain elevator in my original article below about the skyrocketing price of wheat on February 24, which was about a week before the mainstream media started talking about it.

Near the end of February, the price of wheat was under $10 per bushel.

And it should be noted that now in early March, the $10 price level has been breached in America’s Bread Basket (Kansas):


And the futures market price is still skyrocketing:

Yikes again!




It should be noted that the price of wheat continues its skyrocket:

“Just a normal commodity market cycle”, they say.



(by Half Dollar, February 24, 2022) Sure, bad and challenging things are happening in far away places, but it’s also not looking good for the home team.

The hits just keep on coming, don’t they?

Check out the futures market price for wheat:

That’s gonna hurt.

Although it’s not like it hasn’t been hurting already:

And to think, some people thought there were “disinflationary” pressures in the air, including some of the supposed Silver “Advocates” out there too.

Of course, it’s not just the futures market, for the cash wheat market (here’s an example) is a little on the wild side right now too:

Interesting markets, indeed.

Shameless Plug Time: Brian Ochsner has been right about the food supply and food price inflation for years, and he was pretty much spot-on the last time he was on the podcast in November:

And while I can’t do much about the salad since, well, I’m pretty sure it’s going to snow again later on today and nothing is really growing in my garden anyway, I can do something about the loaf of bread, or about the box of pasta, or about the bag of cereal which formerly came in a box, or about something, and not only do I want to do something about all of those things, but for hyperinflation’s sake, I probably need to do something about those things too.

And by “something”, I mean, “stocking up”.

Because if your name is Joe Deplorable, which is my name too, then it might not even be a matter of wanting to do something but a necessity.

Either way, the dollar’s toast…