Maximum Efficiency, Or Peak Government? Americans To “Pay Taxes” With Their Stimulus Check Money

What do you call it when the government prints up a bunch of money and hands it out to the people, only to be given right back to government?

(by Half Dollar) Who wants to be a millionaire?

No, seriously, who wants to be a millionaire?

It’s too easy, and it’s instantaneous!

So if you want to “get rich quick”, here’s how: Go to Venezuela, convert less than one single US dollar into the brand new $1,000,000 Venezuelan Bolivar Bank Note, and voila!

Instant millionaire!

In fact, for less than one thousand US dollars, one can become a billionaire.


Just don’t tell any of our “elected” “leaders” in Washington about your newfound riches, because word is, they’re salivating at the chance to bring on some brand new wealth taxes.

Of course, if this path to vast riches sounds idiotic at best, that’s because it is!

Just know it’s not called “idiotic” anymore, but rather, “the new normal”.

From Reuters (bold added for emphasis and commentary):

In interviews with a dozen Americans, including a nurse, a man made homeless by the pandemic, a plumber, a teacher, and a bar owner, nearly all say they are so worried about the future that they will use their stimulus checks to pay debt and taxes accumulated in the past year.

So much for innuendo!


Thadd Ernstmeyer, who runs a family plumbing business in Reedsburg, Wisconsin, grosses about $150,000 a year, with overheads about one third of that, and is taxed roughly 25%. His stimulus check would go toward his tax bill, Ernstmeyer said.

“It’s going straight back to the government.”

Is that maximum efficiency, or peak government?