Max Keiser: Bankers Want To Freeze Credit After Decades of Fraud

Brought on by massive credit growth fueled by decades of criminal banking fraud, Max says the bankers now want to freeze the people’s access to credit. Max calls out the criminality as he discusses the economic implications of this freeze…

by Max Keiser via Keiser Report:

Max & Stacy ask what happens when a nation of consumers goes into cold state credit freeze?

And is Warren Buffett’s Dow 1,000,000 possible in such a state?

Max interviews Charles ‘Chuck’ Johnson of about how his operation managed to take down the billions-of-dollars establishment candidates and media empires in this latest US election series. He also reveals who his deep political sources claim is the source of funding for the Steele dossier.



Max Keiser says a hurricane just devastated the financial system, and no a credit freeze is headed our way. The devastation was brought on by the parabolic credit growth fueled by decades of criminal fraud in an effort to provide liquidity to the system. We are only now beginning to see the damage.