AFTERNOON UPDATE: The Heat Is On Wall St – Will The Global Economic Collapse Happen Today? | Marshall Swing

UPDATED on Friday afternoon: Marshall just sent us an afternoon update, which can be found right here in this post… 

Editor’s Note: If there is anybody unaware of the Global Economic Collapse Marshall is predicting, he laid out the case in a series of seven posts:


by Marshall Swing of The Church of Acts


Will the Global Economic Collapse of 2018 happen today?

As I have in several articles, I do not know for sure, but all seriousness aside, it is a great time to poke fun at The Bankers, The Politicians, and The Federal Reserve!

No one deserves being roasted more than those people who own and manage The Beast of Revelation and its FIAT MONEY SYSTEMS!

We took a little time out last week to record and mix this parody and produce the accompanying video.

You can purchase the original sales pitch free song and the free karaoke video, at the store, at:

If you represent a conservative political action group, then you can contact us for information on our affiliate marketing program.  Our desire is that groups, like the Tea Party or Ron Paul groups who are against the Federal Reserve and fiat money, can market the song to their supporters and raise money for their causes.  We do not sell through iTunes or Amazon, we sell direct to The People.  We are helping fund the Revolution in America!  All affiliate marketers make the same money as the cut that Amazon and iTunes takes!  We gladly give it back to those who run worthy causes to better America.

Heat All Over Wall Street unmasks what The Beast of Revelation really IS and is run by, FIAT MONEY, spoken into existence by evil men and against all that God and His Son stand for and all moral people.

We see the clear, Godless, moral decay of all the nations on the earth, due to the FIAT MASTERS who control everything.






Part IV set the record straight but most people just do not read carefully and that gets many people into trouble in various areas of life when they are not careful to read and do not think clearly.

I have never once at any time said I knew absolutely that the CRASH was on July 20 – 27 2018 nor did I ever say it was absolute.

If fact, I made it the first point in Part IV to say I DO NOT KNOW, for sure:

Folks out there are not reading carefully and letting their emotions run wild with ideas that are not true.

I have every reason to believe this is the time of the crash and I base that on all analysis that I have done and on all the “coincidences” that have surfaced regarding this time frame of July 20-27 and a few days after, possibly.

I merely show people the coincidences and the analysis and they have to draw their own conclusions on what they DO.

As for myself, I have gone 100% in the physical metals as well as having prepared in every way for location, food, water, and security.

If more than .0001 % of all people who read my articles have risked everything, I would be greatly surprised.

If the CRASH happens a week later, where will my accusers be?  Will they be accusing me of being off a week?

Will they hang me for not being more accurate?

If the CRASH happens a month from now, what will my accusers say?

Well, I may or may not read what they say because obviously in addition to all my financial analysis I share for FREE, I am very busy with many other interests like professional music and being a Messianic pastor…

I do everything I do for FREE.

Still not sweating erroneous comments in The Wilderness of Southern Illinois, unless I am out mowing the yard or riding my bike,  BUY PHYSCIAL NOW,