Thursday Humor: Mark Dice On The Biggest CNN Fails Of 2017

Here’s the Top 10 CNN Fails of 2017 (and in case they are not funny enough, we’ve included a “free candy bar or gold coin” video for good measure)…

We frequently feature the tag MSM Propaganda here at Silver Doctors. If you are not familiar with the ways the mainstream media tries to shape policy, form beliefs and change the narratives, be sure to check out our page on it.

Aside from many examples of propaganda in general, we also feature a very specific type of propaganda called the Hit Piece (that’s the tag we recently started using). Hit pieces are direct attacks on gold & silver, and sometimes the attacks are overt, sometimes covert, but the attacks are always desperate attempts to bash gold in the American psyche.

To see just how absurd the anti-gold and anti-silver propaganda has become, we’ve embedded just one of Mark Dice’s many “Free candy bar or gold coin (or silver bar)” videos.


From Mark Dice via Mark Dice

Watch the top 10 biggest CNN fails of 2017. There’s been too many to count, but I tried to narrow them town to the 10 biggest.