Mark Dice Reports On The Black Friday Zombie Apocalypse Plus A Mayhem Roundup

Imagine what will happen when the US dollar is no longer king just as the hyperinflation kicks in. Yikes…

First, Mark Dice, perhaps best know around here as the guy who can’t give away a 10 ounce silver bar when giving the choice to random strangers on the street between a Hershey’s candy bar and the silver bar.

Well, in Mark Dice style, He drove around and caught some of the action on tape in what he is dubbing the Zombie Apocalypse:

Here’s some of the insanity as stores open:

On the other hand, the polite and orderly Canucks:

From the eyes of the brave souls on the receiving side of the rush:

Back in the Good ‘Ole USA:

This brings out the nastiest in people when they rip $5 slow cookers out of children’s hands:


Finally: Here’s Black Friday round up with local news commentary. Shows how this event brings out the real nastiness in people:

Prep accordingly…

And When TSHTF, during the economic collapse, the one place you don’t want to be near is a Wal-Mart.

– Half Dollar


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