Making It Big: What’s Common Among Billionaires

Looking in the mirror and seeing a married man with 3 kids, a bald spot & glasses may bring you nearer to a billionaire’s profile. Here’s more…

by Melanie Hudson

We Looked At What’s Common Among Billionaires

Who wouldn’t want to be a billionaire? The money to buy almost anything, and the power to do almost whatever you want – the allure is enviable to almost anyone.

Now, is there really a formula to become a billionaire?

We’ve already seen many lists about billionaire’s traits, skills, and rituals. Taking a look from a different standpoint, let’s observe something more trivial. Would someone, having these unlikely characteristics of billionaires, take us closer to being one?

They have built a great support system

Married and with three children. Statistically, this is how the families of the majority of the billionaires are structured. About 87% of the world’s richest are married, while 63% of them have three or more children. Although larger families entail larger spending, perhaps it is the emotional support system that the family provides which contributes to a billionaire’s success.

Not all are dropouts

Although several people have made it to the world’s richest list despite dropping out of college or had no formal schooling like Bill Gates, James Richman, Mark Zuckerberg, taking specific courses in select schools can somehow still boost one’s chances of becoming a billionaire.

Harvard and Stanford produce the most number of financial leaders, while engineering, economics, computer science, and business administration are the courses which top the most billionaires produced.

 Written in the stars

Not everyone shares the interest in stars and signs, however, statistical data was gathered from the list of today’s billionaires. Topping the zodiac signs is Aquarius, with 12.5 percent of the elite being born within its scope. The sign represented by having an independent and inventive personality. While Cancer is at the bottom with only 5.9%. I guess being tenacious with a tendency to be insecure may affect you becoming a billionaire.

Top gone

An old, bald man with glasses. This is how a typical billionaire looks like. Balding among billionaires has increased over the last two decades signifying aging and, to some extent, stress. While 41 percent of the extremely rich wear eyeglasses, perhaps always reading and being in front of a screen has its toll.

Mostly male dominated

Males still outnumber females by quite a margin in the billionaires club. Only eight among the top one hundred richest people are female. We did see an increase in terms of the number of females who got in the list but generally, it is still a male-dominated scene.

Living the American dream

Does a person’s country of origin have an effect on his chances to be a billionaire? Statistics somehow says definitely. China has already taken over the United States with the most number of billionaires with 596 of them.

However, when it comes to net worth, 40 out of the 100 richest people in the world come from the US, Germany, Russia, and France also round out the list of countries with the most number of billionaires. The geographical preference may be interpreted with how large the economies of the countries are. The mentioned countries remain as the powerhouses of the economy in their respective continents.

Looking at the mirror and seeing a married man with three kids, a bald spot and wearing glasses may bring you nearer to a billionaire’s profile. Adding a Harvard degree and an American passport won’t hurt either.

Nonetheless, we must understand that this trivial list is a profile of people who are already billionaires, and this must not prevent you from aspiring to be successful in your own craft.

Melanie Hudson is financial valuation analyst. She has has directly executed and advised on over $45 million in transactions across real estate, private equity, public equity, and venture capital. You may connect with her on Twitter.