Mainstream Media Condemns Or Ignores The Texas Reopening: Why It Matters

What Texas just did was big news, yet for the MSM’s brainwashed masses, they’ll either not hear about it, or…

(by Half Dollar) What Texas just did was big news, yet for the MSM’s brainwashed masses, they’ll either not hear about it, or hear about how irresponsible it is.

Recalling all the way back to January, you know, the month we can’t talk about, and the month which ended Free Speech as we know it, I remember hearing something about big plans for Biden’s “first 100 days”.

Just yesterday, however, I took this screenshot at CNN:

Three more months?

From now?

Good grief!

Regardless, also yesterday, Governor Abbott of Texas had this to say:

Now, word is that Abbott’s a Deep Stater at the very least, and most likely he’s a Deep State Globalist who does not put Texas first, much less America, at worst, or on second thought, they’re both just as bad, so I’m not sure if the intention with the “reopening” is to pull a bait-n-switch on the Proles to lockdown even harder, but that’s not my point.

Here’s my point: The MSM Propagandists are on a full court press to either sweep this big news under the rug, or cast this big news in a bad light.

Here’s Fox News:

They’ve chosen the former.

While CNN, obviously, has chosen the latter:

This should come as no surprise to anyone.

Even everybody’s favorite mainstream financial press organization is getting in on the (non) action:

Do you even open 100%, bro?

Here’s why it matters: The Federal government wants to control every single aspect of everyone’s lives, from the top down, as if America was one great big happy family.

America is beyond dysfunctional in so many ways, but that is the subject of another article for a different day.

Here’s the problem: It is difficult for the Federal government to destroy any remaining Freedom and Liberty that Americans may still have left if states are going “rogue”.

Furthermore, if states are reopening, and Texas is not the only one, this puts further Federal “pandemic” fiscal “stimulus” in doubt, because, well, Covid-19 was so 2020, and now, we’re totally moving on.

That is to say, if some states are reopening and springing back to life, no pun intended, and for whatever that means, while other states are under continued or worsening shutdowns and lockdowns, this contrasting dynamic pits state against state, with some states saying “we need a bail-out” and other states saying, “it’s your fault for not opening back up”.

Here’s the question: Is there finally light at the end of the tunnel to the Unconstitutional “mask mandates”, the shutdowns, the lockdowns, and the myriad heavy handed financial and economic brutalities, or is this just a precursor to shutting down and locking down even harder?

Follow-up question: For how long will Americans go along with the insanity and the madness?