Lynette Zang: You Do Not Need Inflation For An Economy To Thrive (But Govt Wants It For Taxes)

Everywhere we turn, we keep hearing that inflation is good, but do we really need inflation to thrive as an economy? Lynette breaks it down for us…

by Lynette Zang of ITM Trading

Question 1. Can you explain how there can be economic growth without inflation? I hear conflicting opinions on this and am very confused.
Question 2. If someone has precious metal IRA’s (Roth or traditional) set up through a trust company, would those assets be subject to a bail-in? How about an IRA held with a stock brokerage (TD Ameritrade, for example)–would those be subject to a bail-in?
Question 3. Will coins such as quarters, nickels and dimes retain their value during a reset? I ask because the Federal Reserve Banks pay face value for those items vs ten cents for a $100 bill. If yes, wouldn’t it make sense to save quarters (even $1 coins) vs. paper currency?
Question 4. How can the banks be printing UNLIMITED amounts of currency ie. Quantive Easing if the Fractional Reserve Laws allows them to only print 10 times as much as they have on deposit?
Question 5. I have often wondered if the slabs (PCGS, ANACS, NGC, etc.) aren’t easier to counterfeit than a coin. In other words, what if the counterfeiters put a MS-60 coin (U.S. old gold or silver dollars, etc.) into a slab that they have as MS-65? BIG DIFFERENCE in the prices of these grades!