Lynette Zang: Negative Signals & Undeniably Bad Advice About The Economy & Markets

Why do central bankers &  politicians sweat behind closed doors while publicly spouting nonsense about the economy & markets? Here’s why…

by Lynette Zang via ITM Trading

On August 22, 2019 at 7:15 am, the 10 YR/2 YR treasury yield curve inverted for the third time this month. In addition, the 10 YR/3 MNTH inversion that began on March 22, 2019 has been consistently widening since it inverted on July 22, which historically, has told us a recession is either imminent or has already begun according to the NY Fed and Larry Kudlow, President Trump’s economic adviser.

Of course, governments and central bankers cannot tell you the truth because the public would most likely run from the markets and the banks. And so, they sweat behind closed doors and spout nonsense to calm the public.

They want us to believe that this time is different.

Oops, isn’t that what we hear EVERY time just before a crash? Though I will agree that, in some critical ways, this time is different since negative rates are a historic first, and so are inverted negative rate yield curves. Do you think this means the global economy is falling into a soft bed of fiat money clover?

How do you go bankrupt? Slow then fast.

What can you do NOT to go bankrupt? Hold physical gold and silver, where there is ALWAYS broad based demand.