Lynette Zang: The Truth About Investments You Thought Were Safe!

These investments ARE NOT SAFE. Lynette explains…

by Lynette Zang via ITM Trading

The total size of the municipal bond market has more than doubled since 2008 from $2.8 trillion to $6.96 trillion as of September 2019.

If you look to the grading services, they say the risk is small, but studies conducted by the New York Fed in 2012, as well as a 2019 study by the Brookings Institute, tell a very different story because rating agencies only report on those bonds THEY have graded, which leaves out a huge swatch of the market.

In fact, according to the WSJ, as of 8-30-19, 43% of reporting muni bond issuers default within 3 years!

So far, eleven states have moved to protect their citizens by passing legal tender laws that put sound money (gold and silver) as a fiat money alternative, which I think, is a very good thing. Is your state one of them? If not, you might want to see what you can do to help. In the meantime, you can create that protection for yourself and your family, which I think, is a very good idea.