Lynette Zang: The Smart Money Is Leaving Us Holding The Bag

Lynette says the smart money is already running for the exits, and they will leave the unprepared holding the bag. Here’s the details…

Lynette Zang on Reluctant Preppers

Remember the rule to not be misled by what they are saying and FOLLOW THE MONEY, since ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS? After years of unnatural melt-up across most markets that have been defying all conventional wisdom, capped by the recent skyrocket of Cryptocurrencies, we suddenly got a CRYPTO-CRASH and the greatest one day loss ever in the DOW.

But did you know there was an EPIC PATTERN SHIFT that NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT, that preceded these crashes, and how can we tell that 2018 is set up for the rockiest ride of our lives? Lynette Zang, Chief Market Strategist for ITM Trading, rejoins Reluctant Preppers’ founder Dunagun Kaiser, to expose the startling signal that foretold these crashes, and may well indicate the smartest money is RUNNING FOR THE EXISTS FROM EVERYTHING BUBBLE and LEAVING US HOLDING THE BAG.