Lynette Zang: We’re About To Find Out Just How Long The Fuse Is

Lynette says the fuse is lit, and when this thing blows, it can transmit a lot of pain, globally. Here’s a critical update on the coming economic explosion… 

by Lynette Zang of ITM Trading

(THE WICK) PATTERN SHIFT ALERT – 10 Year Treasury Yield Hit’s 3%

Since mid-2016 interest rates have more than doubled, from a low about 1.37% to (at this writing) 3.03%. We must go back to 2014 to see that level. If this is indeed a breakout, the next most likely level would be 3.5%.

(THE FUSE) Deutsche Bank

The bank that can transmit that pain globally, according to the IMF, is Deutsche Bank has now had three years of losses. Most of 2017 losses were attributed to its derivative book which impacted their assets to the tune of 7%. This happened in a one way…up market. I wonder what’s happening now?