Lynette Zang Puts Her Neck On The Line: The Bear Is Here…MAKE NO MISTAKE!

A bold call in a critical update covering the stock market, the coming financial crisis, and more. Lynette asks “is your exit blocked?”. Let’s explore that…

by Lynette Zang of ITM Trading

I believe that enough risk has now been transferred, to usher in the next financial crisis.

Which will most likely be caused by derivative leverage explosions along with evaporating market liquidity. Weekly equity outflow reports and market trading volumes might be telling us that the selling has begun.

On December 10, 2018, Former Fed Chair Janet Yellen warned about the “Gigantic holes in the system” and stated that the “tools that are available to deal with emerging problems are not great in the United States” and now, warns of another potential financial crisis. Ya think?

Perhaps that’s why central banks and governments are accumulating gold at the highest levels since 2015. They have a plan…do you?