Lynette Zang: Political Unrest, Bank Accounts, Money Printing And The Coming Reset

Countries are at the end of their money printing run, which requires more and more printing for less and less effect. What comes next? Lynette explains…

by Lynette Zang of ITM Trading

Some of the questions and topics of discussion on today’s session include:

Question 1. Does each currency reset include a war and political unrest? Is that what we can expect in Venezuela?
Question 2. Would you rather have your paper money in a credit Union or a regular FDIC insured bank account?
Question 3. Brexit deadline is March 30. It appears that the UK is leaving the European Union. How does this affect worldwide currency markets and overall worldwide markets?
Question 4. We have heard from so many sources that Central Banks are buying massive amounts of gold. Can you speculate as to where the gold is coming from? Given the supply numbers, it cannot all be newly mined metal.

For the answers to those questions and more, tune in to the video in its entirety below: