Lynette Zang: Look For These Two Patterns Just Before The Crash

Lynette says history reveals the clues and the patterns show the breakdown. She says to look for these patterns to know the markets are about to crash…

by Lynette Zang of ITM Trading

Many of you are concerned about holding onto your money and wealth in the face of a reset. You believe, as I do, that the next stock market crash will usher it in. You want to know when the reset will happen.


While I cannot tell you the exact date of the next financial crisis, I can tell you that historic patterns suggest we are very, very close. As a student of financial markets since 1964, I’ve lived through some of that history.

I was a new stock broker at Shearson Lehman on October 19, 1987. The morning started much like all other mornings. I went to lunch at 11, but when I got back the office was in chaos. Clients flooded in demanding to see their “financial consultant”, who did not have ANY ANSWERS for them! Calls from panicked investors flooded the phone lines. Where were their brokers? Literally under their desks. They never saw it coming and were just as freaked out as their clients.

They never saw it coming because they did not understand the language of the markets, that was not part of their training. It still isn’t. Then as now, their real job was to sell Wall Street products and get people to hold them “in street name” at the brokerage house. The market crash of 1987 could have led to some much-needed reforms, but, as usual, rather than changing behavior, they simply changed the rules and created the plunge protection team, to hide the truth, manage public confidence and keep the wealth transfer game going.


By comparing past financial crisis patterns become obvious. My goal is to teach you how to recognize those patterns, so you can make independent, educated choices that supports YOUR best interest.

Typically, just before a crash what you hear is that this time is different. What you see is a hockey stick. This is where we are in 2018, you can hear it and see it, but do you believe it? I do.

What you hear is how gold and silver are a bad investment, but what you see is a double cup in spot gold, which is the strongest accumulation pattern I’ve ever seen. While the elite do not want you to own real money, they are accumulating it. So am I.