Lynette Zang: Future Dims for the Dollar And The Overt Currency War SCARES ME THE MOST

What is the overt currency war going to be used for, and what is now heating up that relates to gold? Here’s Lynette to explain…

by Lynette Zang from ITM Trading

President Trump (and others), accuses China, as a dictatorship, and Europe, with an accommodative central bank, of currency manipulation. But the truth is that the ability to manipulate a currency is in the DNA of a fiat money because it can be cheaply and easily created in unlimited quantity.

Therefore, fiat money inflation must be “managed”, which is the job of the central banks.

An overt currency war scares me the most, because it could be used as an excuse for the global hyperinflation that has already begun and being held in bloated, overvalued fiat money products. But there is another movement that is heating up and this relates to gold.