Looting, Riots & Civil Unrest Are Coming To The US, Will Be Much Worse Than Asia Or Europe

Stores in the US are being scantly boarded-up. America’s civil unrest, however, will be nothing like the food riots in Italy or the civil unrest in China…

(by Half Dollar) The riots are coming.

It’s par for the economic collapse course.

Last week we got some “reports” of riots (protests?) coming out of China:

This week, civil unrest is taking place in Italy, and to think, the United States is just a little bit behind Italy.

In Italy, however, with a more or less disarmed population, the riots have so far have been without major violence, or at least that’s what can be gleaned with a minimal internet search.

That is to say, the Italians are talking about snatching a bag from somebody walking home from the grocery store, but it’s not like the victim is stabbed and left to bleed to death, or worse:

The victims in Italy basically lose their groceries.

It’s unlikely the bag snatching in the US will go over as smoothly as it has in Italy, for reasons we’ll get to in a moment.

Curiously, the rioting (looting?) (forced redistribution?) (theft?) is also apparently coordinated in Italy, with some 20 people descending on a store to basically load up shopping carts with groceries and then attempt to leave without paying:

I’ve personally witnessed a flash mob style loot of an Apple store at a mall not too long ago.

Basically, about six inner-city looking teens, who very well could have been adults, ran into the Apple store, started grabbing Macbooks, iPhones, Ipads and those kinds of items, and ran out after only a few seconds.

But when people get hungry and descend on the supermarkets?

Watch out!

Hungry people are desperate people, and desperate people do unpredictable things.

We can already see stores preparing for civil unrest all across the USA.

Here’s New York:

Here’s Chicago:

Here’s San Francisco:

And here’s the question: Just how long are those sheets of plywood going to fend off rioters and looters?

If those sheets of plywood don’t feel the burn of a Molotov Cocktail or the chop of an axe, the looters and rioters will probably take the plywood too!

Here’s the important question: How do we know the riots and the looting will be worse in America?

For several reasons, in no particular order of importance:

  • Overworked, under-staffed, sick and quarantined police, law enforcement and US ‘military’ forces.
  • No shared sense of community or country.
  • Lack of family values and moral principles.
  • An “oppressed” class (a.k.a. the urban poor) that has no problem offering up some “social justice” to big corporations.
  • An ‘entitlement” class that thinks the government, businesses and “rich” individuals owe them something.
  • Guns galore.

Those are just a few examples.

There are more.

Here’s the key takeaway, and I’ll offer it as a reminder: There’s nothing scarier than somebody who has nothing left to lose.