LOOKIN’ GOOD: Gold Hits Multi-Year Intra-Day High To Close Out The Week!

SD Friday Wrap: Gold & silver maintain amidst the chaos…

Please excuse me in advance, for I’m not feeling too inspired.

And why is that?

Well, I’ve got some wounds that have taken me out of the fight, and while I’m not gonna go lickin’ ’em, I’d be a liar if I said they don’t hurt just a little.

Of course, I’m not talking about my wounds.

My wounds don’t matter at all.

The hurt i feel is for America.

I’m not sure which cut they’re on, but there can’t be more than a handful left.

You see, the MSM, Deep State, corrupt politicians, and Globalists won a little battle today.

It’s clear they have the upper hand in this war.

Pretty soon the futile quest to “wake people up” will be a totally useless undertaking.

People you think are awake are not, and people you think will wake up will not.

So it does hurt just a little.

The hurt i feel is for America.

They’ve been wearing down our armor for some time:

When they’re wearing down your armor faster than you can rebuild it, sooner or later the toll it takes is simply too much to bear.

And I do mean they’ve been wearing down our armor:

The decision to suspend our live-streams, as of today, is a decision that was born out of economic necessity.

It’s yet another victory for the internet censors, determined to silence those who don’t conform and fall in line.

Timing’s uncanny.

Isn’t it?

We will still feature exclusive interviews on our YouTube channel, and we will still keep uploading the audio files from those interviews in MP3 format.

As for the daily grind in the trenches, well, you’re pretty much combat ineffective if you’ve run out of ammo.

Oh, the irony of a managed retreat.

When you’re supply line is choked-off, well, you get the point.

Do excuse me if I’m not inspired to write today.

Please do…

– Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart