London Falling: Was London Attack A False Flag Conducted On Skull & Bones 3/22?

Was Yesterday’s “Terrorist Attack” In London A FALSE FLAG?

Submitted by Jeff Berwick:

9/11 was the biggest false flag attack of our generation. But, there were many false flag attacks before 9/11 such as the Gulf of Tonkin incident, which gave a reason for the US government’s terrorist attacks in Vietnam to name just one of many.

But, since 9/11, which was the most overt and obvious false flag attack ever recorded, no other so-called “Islamic terrorist attack” can be looked at in the same way. The very first thing that must be considered, since 9/11, is that it is a false flag attack.

Today, in London, a so-called Islamic terrorist attack was said to have been carried out with a few people reported to be dead and injured.

We, nor thousands of independent detectives worldwide, have yet to have time to dig through the evidence which will likely show it to be a false flag attack operated by MI6… but here is what we can say so far.

First, it occurred on the anniversary of the Belgian attacks last year which has been proven to be a false flag.

The Brussels false flag became obvious as soon as Fake news outlets such as the Wall Street Journal began releasing statements such as…

“Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attacks at the Brussels airport and on a subway train, starkly demonstrating the ability of the extremist network to direct or inspire deadly assaults in Europe, even as it suffered heavy setbacks from U.S. – led military strikes in its heartlands of Syria and Iraq…”

The only “evidence” they had for ISIS involvement is that supposedly some guy shouted something in Arabic inside the airport. Without ISIS actually taking public responsibility for the attack on their “official” social media channels, it’s easy to see that this was a false flag.

Everything about the official story was fishy including the fact that no one heard more than one explosion even though it was reported that there were multiple, and there were almost no amateur videos or vantage points shown on CNN – only the same exact shots taken by someone laying prone on the floor.

Plus, like many “terrorist attacks” in the US that are actually false flags, the police just so happened to have conveniently practiced a terror drill the Sunday before – which is apparently why the Cops had such a swift 6 minute response time.

As well, the event in London today, like the Belgium false flag, occurred on March 22nd. Or, 3/22.

Which is probably not a coincidence considering that 322 is an occult number of the Skull & Bones.

The Skull and Bones is a secret society established at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. Numerous globalist elite families and their children have passed through its initiations and rituals such as the Vanderbilts, Rockefellers, and Bush’s. One of the most important viewpoints that Bonesmen share regards the importance of a Hegelian dialectic.This dialectic advocates the use of controlled conflict — thesis vs. antithesis — to create pre-determined outcomes. Creating a problem, reaction, and solution.

It is because of this shared belief, that once Bonesmen move onto key positions of power, they often go on to help orchestrate false flag terror events in an effort to achieve certain desired outcomes like nation destabilization and arms sales.

This event in London today also comes a year after the release of the high budget, “London Falling” movie which depicted a terror attack in London. Often the globalists/Illuminati will tell people of their plans ahead of time like they did with 9/11.

And, it should be pointed out that Ole Dammegard has predicted nearly every false flag attack conducted in Europe in the last year and also predicted this attack in London today all based on evidence the elites leave in plain site at the previous false flag.

This was recorded a month ago:

It is possible, of course, that today’s event in London was real, and not a false flag.

However, even if it was real, it is actually totally understandable why some people might be angry that the government of England has been conducting terrorist attacks in the Middle East for decades resulting in the deaths of millions of innocents.

In other words, if this was real, it is just blow black for decades of terrorist attacks done by the UK government. Even today, the worst terrorist attack that occurred, was when the US regime bombed a school in Syria killing 33 children.

Nearly everything that has occurred since and including 9/11, that have been blamed on “Islamic extremism” was actually done by the US, UK, Israeli and Saudi Arabian governments.

To make it more clear, any outrage about 9/11 and any other attack of this nature should be focused entirely on those governments. These governments are the enemy of the people.

Their goal is to put the populace in fear so that they then will demand their own enslavement from the very people who have been conducting these attacks.

If you believe the mainstream (fake news) media propaganda about 9/11 and many other false flags, such as Charlie Hebdo, you, unfortunately, are the victim of severe mind control brainwashing.

I suggest turning off your television programming immediately.