Lior Gantz: The World Is Being Prepared, We Are Hitting Peak Productivity

A recession’s imminent, we’re at peak productivity, and the labor market’s tight. The only option for companies to continue to profit will be to lay off workers..

by Mac Slavo of SHTFplan

In an interview with X22 Report Spotlight, a YouTube channel focused on economic news, Lior Gantz sits down to discuss the peak productivity and other problems rearing their heads in this economy.  A recession is imminent, and since the United States is at their peak productivity with a tight labor market, the only option for companies to continue to profit will be to lay off workers.

Layoffs will start a spiral of defaults on debt payments which could trigger the next recession. No one knows just when this will occur, but it always unfolds in a similar manner.

As a wealth researcher, Gantz analyzes the economy as we see it and as it really is and gives his advice to help steer clear of financial hardships the best you can when the SHTF. He did say to look for a small uptick in unemployment as the beginning of the next recession. “A recession starts with an initial wave of unemployment…so unemployment at 10%, that’s the end result of a recession,” Gantz said.

Basically, after the initial wave of layoffs, unemployment will rise by a mere fraction of a percentage point, however, it’ll be enough to force other companies to layoff worker in order to keep up and stay competitive. This will see the government spend more money on unemployment.

“No matter what, a recession is coming. How severe it will get? Well, it matters how you manage it,” says Gantz. Be prepared, understand what’s coming, and diversify if you can.