Let’s Make A Deal: China Might Need A Trade Deal Sooner Than Later

China may want a trade deal done soon. Here’s why…

by Jason Burack from Wall St For Main St

Since Friday, there’s been a lot of Tweets, rhetoric, tit for tat tariff announcements and then other craziness. Then on Monday, President Trump now claims (China denies) that they want a trade deal done soon. This show attempts to examine why China might need a trade deal done sooner than later.

  • China’s Companies Have Unseen Foreign Debt That’s Maturing Fast
  • Trump Says China “Called”, Wants To Restart Trade Talks; China Denies, Has No Idea What Trump Talking About
  • Trump says China sincerely wants a trade deal: ‘I’m not sure they have a choice’
  • China Responds To Trump’s “Barbaric” Tariffs: Vows To Fight “Until The End” And Have “The Last Laugh”
  • A Critical Threshold Has Just Been Crossed, And Things Will Never Be The Same Again…
  • International Emergency Economic Powers Act

Is China worried about another major credit downgrade after the last 2 occured for the first time in 30 years in 2017?
1) Moody’s downgrades China rating to A1 from Aa3, citing concerns over a slowing economy and growing debt
2) China’s credit rating downgraded amid fears over slowing economy
3) S&P Cuts China’s Credit Rating, Citing Risk From Debt Growth

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