Just Two (Huge) Things: Netanyahu Charged With Bribery & Fraud, Trump Sets Sights On “Iranian Regime”

Politics and geo-politics in the Middle East are rapidly deteriorating, only two days after Trump announces a US troop build up in Saudi Arabia…

(Silver Doctors Editors) First, we got word of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

From Zero Hedge:

The Israeli Attorney General has indicted prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu on corruption charges after months of uncertainty over whether Netanyahu would be able to retain his leadership of the country. Netanyahu will be charged with corruption by Israeli prosecutors, including charges of bribery and fraud, a spokesman for the country’s justice ministry said.

And just now, President Trump had this to say about Iran:

We’re not implying the two are related, just that there have been two very serious developments in the Middle East, just today.

Get up-to-speed on the latest developments from Ron Paul:

This is also something we discussed in our live-stream yesterday:

Finally, recall this, from The White House just two days ago:

Risk of a crisis in the Middle East is rising at best, and this could all end with military conflict at worst.