John Rubino: A Monetary Reset HAS TO HAPPEN And The People Will Be Shocked By Their Losses

John says the monetary reset will likely happen without warning, and that will be when we get the skyrocket in gold & silver prices. Here’s more…

John Rubino interviewed on the X22 Report Spotlight

In this encompassing interview, Dave and John talk about the underlying fundamental economic conditions of not just the United States, but of the entire world.

John says that there has been so much debt taken on, that the only way to remedy the situation will be through a monetary reset.

John says, for example, the the monetary reset could happen by revaluing the currencies to gold. In that scenario, John say that those with money in the bank will be the losers nad those with gold will be the winners.

John says that since the system is devastating savers trying to do the right thing, and since those savers are going to be shocked by the coming reset and subsequent devaluation, that a reset would most likely happen on a Friday afternoon after the markets have closed, or on a Sunday evening.

All that and what people can do to prepare for the coming reset can be listened to in its entirety below: