John Podesta, 200+ Others Urge Biden To Learn From ’08 Crisis And Pass LARGE STIMULUS: “Every Dollar” Is A “Downpayment That Will Pay For Itself”

“…putting money in people’s pockets and saving jobs are already being met with opposition from those claiming we can’t afford it…”

(by Half Dollar) Beginning today, the Trump Impeachment Circus Sideshow is back in town, but this time around, while our “elected” “leaders” in Washington are busy hanging out with Trump, eating caviar and sipping on lightly spiked Perrier, breathing fire, eating light bulbs, and doing myriad feats of strength and freakish spectacles, some Washington insiders are uncontrollably drooling and foaming at the mouth over the thought of free money from Uncle Joe, and as such, the Circus Sideshow may just turn into a Rubber Stamping Party.

Indeed, the heat is on, as over 200 former Obama Administration public “servants” have penned a letter to Biden, essentially calling on Biden to go big.

They’ve even got an early 1990s-looking webpage to make their voices heard:

Invest in America, huh?

Good one!

Here’s a little bit of what John Podesta et al. (yes, that John Podesta) are saying (bold added for emphasis and commentary):

President Joe Biden has inherited an even worse situation than our nation faced back in 2009: a national health crisis that has led to the deaths of more than 400,000 Americans on top of an economic catastrophe that has put tens of millions out of work and shuttered hundreds of thousands of businesses, with both crises hitting communities of color especially hard.

Unfortunately, his efforts to restore the economy by putting money in people’s pockets and saving jobs are already being met with opposition from those claiming we can’t afford it. They are using the same arguments they used to undermine the ARRA that cost our economy nearly a million jobs.

But we know from history that they are wrong and sabotaging the ability of our nation to fully and equitably recover.

The only thing we can’t afford is to underfund America’s recovery.

Every dollar we spend to strengthen our nation during this time of crisis is a downpayment that will pay for itself and help our country thrive in the future. We must learn the lessons from the last economic crisis and pass a large stimulus package to get us back on track.

On second thought, I’ll say nothing.

Because I just threw-up a little bit in my mouth, and honestly, I don’t think I’m going to be able to keep my breakfast down, so, um, yeah.

Goin’ AFK.