John McCain’s Boot Mysteriously Swapped From Right Foot Two Weeks Ago To Left Foot Now

From “house arrest” to being “unfit” for public office, here’s the latest coming out of the alternative media…

Here’s an interesting breakdown of recent speculation running rampant an the alternative media space including sealed indictments and all these boots the deep state public servants are running around in:

And now there’s this from Zero Hedge

81 year old John McCain (R-AZ) has had a string of unfortuate heath issues this year. In mid-july, the Arizona Senator underwent brain surgery for aggressive cancer – returning to Washington D.C. five days later to cast his vote against the healthcare bill.

Then, at the beginning of November McCain was treated for a tear to his achilles tendon at Walter Reed medical center – emerging on November 6th in a walking boot on his RIGHT leg:

Somehow, some way, it appears McCain’s tear has switched sides two weeks later!

Maybe the honorable Senator from AZ is feeling so great two weeks after tearing his tendon that he forgot which side the injury was on?

To verify that the images weren’t reversed, one can observe the buttons on McCain’s blazer on McCain’s right side in both pictures.

Update: McCain was wearing the boot on his right on Nov. 14th (h/t @mark_woodard)

Now maybe McCain’s tendon healed in two weeks and he simply forgot which leg it was during a senior moment. If that’s the case – is he fit to hold his Senate seat? Was he fit to cast the deciding vote which killed the healthcare repeal? Then there was his strange rambling line of questioning during the Comey hearing.