John Adams: Unbounded Recklessness! The Reserve Bank Australia Has Lost The Plot!

John & Martin North discuss radical developments in RBA policy. John explodes at the RBA’s sheer insanity! Tune in for the details and a whole lot more…

by John Adams from Adams Economics

John Adams and Martin North discuss the radical speech given this week by Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia, Guy Debelle in which he flagged more rate cuts and the coming introduction of quantitative easing!

The Deputy Governor goes on to admit that the RBA have no idea on what level of debt in Australia is excessive!

John Adams explodes in this episode!

Adams suggests that the RBA is involved in sheer INSANITY! Unbounded Recklessness!

Highlights include:

– ‘the RBA is literally out of control’
– ‘independent gang of bandits’
– ‘the extreme nature of this radical Keynesian communist thinking’
– ‘it is madness beyond any sense of comprehension’
– ‘this is the most outrageous, reckless statement in the history of public administration in this country’
– ‘if the bank is wrong, people who die, people will cry, children in this country will go through experiences that will be seared in their brains from the rest of the lives’


Adams also states: “The RBA is totally out of control and has lost the plot. We must now sack the leadership of the RBA to save the Australian middle class!”

For a hard hitting discussion on the unbounded recklessness of the RBA, tune in to the video in its entirety below: