John Adams: Australia Has “Stage 4 Economic Cancer”

Members of Australia’s Federal Parliament know it, but they just can’t say it – Australia has “STAGE 4 ECONOMIC CANCER”. Here are the details…

by John Adams from Adams Economics

In the past week, economist and former political advisor John Adams visited Australia’s Federal Parliament to speak to politicians about how sick the Australian economy is and how this will result in a devastating Economic Armageddon. 
John Adams told the politicians that it is better, and in the national interest, if they come clean with the people about how structurally unsound the Australian economy is. One Australian politician expressed concern that such a disclosure would ‘crash the market’! 
In this video with Martin North, John Adams says what members of Australia’s Federal Parliament know but are not able to say! Australia has ‘STAGE 4 ECONOMIC CANCER’!! The economic doctor needs to tell the patient the truth!