Jim Willie: Cabal Warns If Trump Keeps Pushing Military Tribunals Then Several US Cities Will Be Nuked With Dirty-Bombs

Jim says the US is already subject to undeclared martial law, and if things get bad enough, Trump may cancel next month’s mid-term elections. Here’s why…

Jim Willie interviewed by “V” the Guerrilla Economist on Rogue Money

In this must listen interview, Jim and “V” discuss all of the latest and important economic, political and geo-political news affecting the world today.

Some topics in this interview include:

  • US Dollar and the currency crises developing around the world
  • The Kavanaugh hearing
  • US Government corruption and the fascist police state
  • Draining the swamp and the reconstruction of the US economy
  • De-dollarization and the trade wars
  • The sealed indictments, military tribunals and martial law
  • John McCain’s death sentence and execution
  • Britney Spears torture sessions ending in forced amnesia injections
  • A three year halt in income and property taxes to restart the US economy
  • The Nazi infiltration of the US government
  • Hillary Clinton’s body doubles
  • The role of Hollywood in rewriting the history of the US
  • The national debt, gold and the trade deficit
  • The stock market and bond market bubbles
  • Global monetary reset
  • JP Morgan silver stack
  • The geo-politics of the Middle East