Jim Willie: If We See Hillary’s 25-Year Younger Direct DNA Clone In Public Then The Real Hillary Is In Gitmo

Jim says McCain was executed for treason. Also, the sealed indictments will become explosive, with not just Hillary arrested, but also Biden. Here’s more…

Jim Willie interviewed by “V” The Guerrilla Economist on Rogue News

In this important and timely interview, Jim Willie has recently learned that an indictment for former Vice President Biden is in the works.

Jim also says that McCain was given the choice of death, or turn in the Traitors, and McCain chose death.

Jim thinks that Hillary Clinton is in Gitmo right now, but he’s not 100% certain, so he says we need to pay attention to Hillary’s public appearances because if we end up seeing the direct, DNA clone they made of Hillary 25 years ago, we’ll know they have her in Gitmo.

Jim spends some time providing insight on the sealed indictments, that Jim admits are moving painfully slow, like not even in first gear yet as Jim puts it, but Jim says they will eventually become explosive.

That said, Jim is concerned the bad guys have something on Trump, which would explain why the arrests moving only very slowly.

Jim also talks all things economic and geo-political including:

  • Trade wars
  • Gold and the new gold standard
  • Re-industrialization of the US
  • Sanctions
  • BRICS, Belt & Road Initiative
  • The rise of China

For all of those topics and a whole lot more, tune into the interview in its entirety below: