Jim Willie: Michelle Obama (Formerly Michael Robinson) Wears A Beard Since He’s No Longer In The Spotlight

What do a bearded Obama, an executed McCain, and a Hillary clone on the loose in London have to do with the economy? Here’s Jim to explain…

Jim Willie interviewed by V the Guerrilla Economist for Rogue Money

In his latest interview, Jim talks about how he has been at work exposing the corruption of who Jim calls the “elite scum”. Jim says that “strange” and “psycho” developments of the elite scum have piled up recently, so Jim has released a special report to his subscribers about it.

Jim shares some of what he exposes in his latest interview which includes:

  • Latest with Michelle Obama, and what Barack Obama had to pay to be introduced to “him”
  • Hillary on house arrest with her prison ankle boot tracking device, and Hillary’s clone on the loose in London
  • The execution of John McCain

From there, the discussion centers around the general corruption in Washington and around the world.

Jim then shifts the discussion into the economy and markets, and Jim says the economy is beyond being fixed – that it must be reset.

The discussion of economics blends with geo-politics in this latest interview.

Of particular interest is how Jim says we get back to the gold standard with the three distinct steps that Jim says must take place.

For all of those topics and a whole lot more, tune in to the interview in its entirety below: