Jim Willie: 700 Children A Year Go Missing In The Sovereign Nation Of Disney World In Florida

Jim says Disney World is a sovereign nation and a child abduction center, secured by the CIA, and complete with cages underground. Here’s why it matters…

Editor’s Note: At the very beginning of the first interview, Jim says the day is August 8th, and he says it not once, but twice, which would lead listeners to think this interview is one month old. This interview is not one month old, it was just recorded this month of September.


Jim Willie of Golden Jackass interviewed on Perpetual Assets:

Sept 9th: topics covered include trigger events for the Global RESET like Italian banking bust, Deutsche Bank failure, Turkey banking bust, but not Iran (sturdy workarounds), then also currency crisis as catalyst for sudden Gold Standard usage in Venezuela, Turkey, Iran, even Mexico, Saudi Arabia, as all Emerging Market nations are mired in crippling severe currency crisis, then also a walk down statistical corruption lane on Consumer Price Inflation falsification with its immediate impact of exaggerated GDP economic growth as the USEconomy has endured 12 consecutive years of strong ugly recession, then also bank derivatives generally for hidden multi-$trillion QE support with some 1980s history with mention of Interest Rate Swaps specifically which produce fabricated USTreasury Bond demand during a time when almost no foreign bond buyers are present, then also the America First movement of dismissed US Pentagon Generals who defended the country against the globalist and narco baron attacks, which later become the core Trump support basis cited in his inauguration, then also finally a short summary of political poll bias to argue that US Press polls are absurdly biased with motive