Jim Sinclair: Light Vs Darkness – When Is Now

“If Chairman Powell is a stealthy part of the Swamp dwellers wishing to see President Trump run out of Washington on a rail, all he needs to do is…”

by Jim Sinclair of JM Mineset

My Dear Extended Family,

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS), just recently warned of the dire impact that is certain if any hawkish maneuvers by Powell, our newest genius at the Chair of the Federal Reserve.

Carstens, a former central banker, commented in the recent BIS report that the US dollar makes up at least 80% of all the letters of credit outstanding, which are the means of settlement of international trade contracts. Think about 80% of all trade contracts.

He went on to explain this subject’s danger without any question or doubt. He said, “Any dollar shortage among non-US banks could cripple international trade.” That is the Richard Russel’s Synthetic Dollar Short.”

Since the Synthetic Dollar Shortage that now exists is an enormous size, the Federal Reserve cannot act to reset the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet, nor can they drain reserves by any means whatsoever. Doing so would bring on a great economic/currency calamity without historical precedent. What is timing of when this might occur? We have told you it is “NOW.”

If Chairman Powell is a stealthy part of the Swamp dwellers wishing to see President Trump run out of Washington on a rail, all he needs to do is keep up what he says he intends to keep up. Even saying that has already affected the international dollar letter of credit conditions, as you can see in the recent dollar strength.

This leads me to believe that either Chairman Powell is thick headed or one more of a great president’s failures to judge people correctly. Look at the man he made head of the DOJ, FBI or much worse, the presidents selection of a personal attorney as examples of a major weakness in our otherwise effective leadership.

This is the long predicted real war of Light versus Darkness. This is why it is raining “Truth Bombs” in the hope of waking you up from your deep dark slumber. This is the world’s last chance. If this war is lost, Darkness will rule for all time.

How you can ignore gold or gold/silver mining shares remains a mystery of the effectiveness of two previous administration’s best political tool. That tool is massive mind control opts via all media.

Bill, David and I can only work to wake you up before there is no hope for any of us at all.

So far our unique President Trump has not demonstrated a keen ability, judging people having appointed that he knows people correctly. President Trump has selected more enemies to place in power positions than any president I recall before him. I think his confidence in his is personal attorney screams out that this is President Trump’s major weakness.

What is gathering has been predicted from many sources (both spiritual and material) to occur now. From now through 2025 we are living in hell. Please do not make it permanent. Through inaction, you support Luciferian secret societies and that is the swamp.

I believe that I am prepared correctly. You prefer the Yahoo criminal chat groups for hire more so than the obvious facts. So many have rejected what I have done for myself and your interest that I am certain I must be totally right. Before I end this subject I suggest you phone Mike Martin at 203 858 5488 to discuss your situation as the generalist he is.


Jim Sinclair

Executive Chairman

Email: j.sinclair@tanzanianroyalty.com