The New ‘Mr. Gold’: It’s Now Inflate or Die

Just because this is America, it doesn’t mean we can break the laws of Mother Nature. You are going to lose purchasing power...

Bill Holter interviewed on USA Watchdog by Greg Hunter

Financial writer and precious metals expert Bill Holter says, “You could have both hyperinflation and a credit implosion. We could have a credit implosion, and the Fed creates $100 trillion and puts it into the system. That’s the only response they have if things get out of hand. . . . It’s inflate or die.”

In closing, Holter warns people to get ready and buy physical assets. This include food and water and anything else you might need. Holter predicts, “You are going to lose purchasing power. Just look at history. Every time a currency has failed, the population loses its purchasing power. Just because this is the United States, it doesn’t mean we can break the laws of Mother Nature. We are going to face a huge drop in purchasing power and a huge drop in our standard of living. We have said this for years and have been trolled for years, and now here we are.”

Holter also points out the legendary gold investor Jim Sinclair is the original Mr. Gold, and Holter says, “Jim is Mr. Gold emeritus.”

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