“It’s Not ‘Doom & Gloom’; It’s REALITY”

The Crash is coming…

From Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan:

Many Americans seem to think the alerting the public to the problems in the economy is “doom and gloom” and meant as “fear porn.” But regardless of your beliefs on the matter, the numbers show that a crash is coming, and that’s the reality, although a very grim one says Jeremiah Babe.

In a recent video, titled “THE CRASH IS COMING PREPARE – HOMELESSNESS CRISIS – LABOR FORCE WARNING – STOCK MARKET SURGES,” Jeremiah Babe talks about this very lackadaisical mentality much of the U.S. public is experiencing. Whether the public is unconcerned because of the mainstream media’s propaganda or political party blindness, it doesn’t much matter.

What does matter, is that you should be preparing yourself for an economic crash. Even if the crash is still years in the future, the cold hard fact is that it will happen, as all the numbers and evidence point to a failing economic debt-based system.

All the evidence is scary and even though it’s very much real, people still look down on those who have made preparations for the economic collapse.  And others, such as Jerimiah Babe, are often derided when he’s simply trying to warn of what’s coming.

“Bad things are already happening. The recession has begun,” says Babe to those who believe their world can never change and that the United States is somehow immune to the problems created by money printing and the easy money policies over the past few decades. “Zero percent interest rates are coming; QE4 is coming,” Babe continues.

“Economic hard times bring very dangerous social times,” Babe says as he prompts viewers to prepare or at least begin attempting to prepare now.

Preparations for an economic downturn do take time and this is exactly why some of us try to get out in front of recessions and economic collapses. Paying down your debts so the banks won’t take your stuff and stocking up on at least some precious metals and extra food and water will never hurt. But you should also be aware, as Babe mentioned, that a society that’s undergoing an economic hardship will, in turn, undergo a social one too.  If you don’t believe that, take a look at Venezuela. That means preparations should likely include self-defense of some kind.


It wouldn’t take much for this country to become radically impoverished and our very quality of life dramatically diminished. That’s why we prepare though, and doing so will at least give us an advantage should the SHTF.