It’s Been 24 Days! Confirmed Cases Of Coronavirus (Covid-19) Infection To Explode In Mexico?

Here’s a Thursday morning update. We’re likely on the cusp of an abrupt turn for the worse, beginning in a city with a population of over 20 million…

(Silver Doctors Editors) Here’s a round-up of some of the latest Covid-19 news.

CNN has blasted the news back to its home page:

There are some interesting things coming out of CNN to report.

First, one of the central points from CNN is that the number of cases spiked because the definition of what constitutes a case was widened.

Here’s CNN simply stating it this way:

  • Widened definition: The spike in numbers is partly down to a broader definition of what constitutes a confirmed case, to include people diagnosed on the basis of their symptoms rather than testing positive.

Why does this matter?

Well, there seems to be some games being played with the way the “official” number is calculated, which many people do not trust as being the actual number of infected people.

For example, just two days ago Zero Hedge was reporting that China had narrowed its definition of what constituted a case of coronavirus infection.:

As reported by local media this morning, the Chinese National Health Commission quietly changed its definition of Coronavirus “confirmed case” in the latest guideline dated 7/2. As a result, going forward patients who tested positive for the virus but have no symptoms will no longer be regarded as confirmed. As Alex Lam observes, “this inevitably will lower the numbers.”

So two days ago, a positive test without symptoms was not a confirmed case, although today a person is confirmed to have the infection based on symptom and not a positive test.

Translation: A person can be confirmed to have the infection if they are symptomatic but haven’t been tested.

Tin foil hat translation: The regime can label anybody as symptomatic in one way or another, so in essence, the government can take any action against any person it wants to, all under the pretense of “public health”.

Interestingly, some in the MSM are still calling this coronavirus like the flu.

For example, here’s an update from Reuters this morning:

Health officials in China’s central province of Hubei said 242 people had died from the flu-like virus on Wednesday, the fastest rise in the daily count since the pathogen was identified in December.

Many experts including Chris Martenson have repeatedly said to not refer to this as the flu because the comparison cannot be made like that, in part because this is a brand new virus with no prior herd (i.e. human) immunity.

Here’s a screenshot of the latest Johns Hopkins real-time tracker:

Curiously, there are still ZERO cases anywhere in Africa or in Latin America.

If this virus really does spread super-easy, as they say, then you would think that there would be an explosion of cases all around the world right now, including Latin America?

Especially when we see stuff like this coming out of CNN this morning:

Taxi driver in Japan tests positive for coronavirus
From journalist Isaac Yee in Hong Kong

A taxi driver in the Japanese capital Tokyo has tested positive for the novel coronavirus, Japanese state broadcaster NHK reported on Thursday.

According to NHK, the taxi driver said he had driven one customer that appeared to be Chinese. Japan’s health ministry is currently investigating how the taxi driver was infected.

Japan now has a total of 248 confirmed cases of the coronavirus, including 219 cases from the Princess Diamond cruise ship.

A Taxi driver in Japan tests positive, but oddly enough, there’s not much information about it wherever you look, and wouldn’t the public like to know more?

Here’s all the reporting you’ll get, however, this time from Reuters (this is the ENTIRE article):

TOKYO (Reuters) – A male Japanese taxi driver in Tokyo has tested positive for the coronavirus, NHK television reported on Thursday.

The driver had had passengers who appeared to be Chinese, NHK added, quoting the Health Ministry.

Very few details are given about the taxi driver or his story, even though this is a “public health emergency”.

Keep that in mind, and then consider something that was reported TEN DAYS AGO (Feb 3rd) from the BBC (bold added for emphasis):

Uber has suspended hundreds of customer accounts in Mexico, after discovering two of its drivers had transported a passenger infected with coronavirus.

The company said it had suspended 240 passenger accounts, as well as the two drivers, just in case the drivers had contracted the virus and passed it on.

It said none of them had developed any symptoms, but it would continue to monitor the situation.

The affected passengers will not be able to use Uber for two weeks.

Mexico’s Ministry of Health said a passenger “of Chinese origin” had taken a flight from Los Angeles to Mexico City on 20 January.

The man then visited tourist attractions, museums and shops in Mexico City, for two days.

He started feeling ill on the evening of 21 January, and the next day took an Uber back to the airport.

When he arrived back in the United States he was tested positive for coronavirus.

At present, there have been no confirmed coronavirus infections in Mexico.

However, it can take about two weeks for symptoms to develop.

Uber said it had suspended the drivers and the 240 passengers who had been in their vehicles after the infected passenger, as a precaution.

It said it had also sent them information about where to get healthcare information.

Mexico’s Ministry of Health said it was monitoring the situation.

It said officers had also visited the Hilton Mexico City Reforma hotel, where the infected man had stayed, to check on staff.

It warned that the man would have been infectious, but no hotel staff have developed symptoms yet.

Is it too far of a stretch to say we’re about to see a massive explosion in cases in Mexico very soon, beginning with the very capital of Mexico, Mexico City, where there is a densely packed population of over 20,000,000 people?

Recall that Chris Martenson reported it could take up to 24 days before symptoms start showing.

This person of “Chinese origin” was at Tourist attractions in Mexico on January 20th, and according to my math, that’s 24 days ago!



Editor’s Note: To this day, the Secretary of Health in Mexico has no travel restrictions to China, nor quarantine procedures in place: