Italy Quarantines EVERYBODY, Suspends Mortgage Payments Amid Lockdown

Martial Law Lite? Italy is not faring too well in the face of Covid-19 coronavirus. Here’s an update…


Martial Law Lite?


(Silver Doctors Editors) Italy is in quite the pickle.

According to the 8:53 a.m. update on the Johns Hopkins tracker, the European nation is dealing with over 9,000 cases:

Taking the tracker and reporting at face value, Italy is having a very difficult time containing the coronavirus, and Italy is now the most infected country after China.

Today, reporting is coming in that the Italian government is taking action.

From the Independent:

Payments on mortgages are to be suspended in Italy due to the coronavirus outbreak, the country’s government has announced.

Governments around the world are scrambling for fiscal stimulus.

Governments around the world are also scrambling to simply contain the virus.

In Italy, the entire nation is basically on lockdown.

More from the same article:

The entire country was placed on lockdown on Tuesday morning, with all public gatherings cancelled, and universities and schools closed until next month.

Giuseppe Conte, the prime minister, said that everyone in Italy would be confined to the area where they live unless they are able to demonstrate a need to work, health conditions, or other limited reasons in order to travel elsewhere.

Meanwhile, back in the United States, Trump’s Coronavirus Task Force has promised to do “whatever it takes” to fight the economic impact.

Action is even being taken right down to local levels, with Ohio State University proactively cancelling classes and more through at least the end of March.

We’re now seeing what actions governments are taking around the world on the containment and economic fronts.

One thing is certain – between the central banks and governments – the message is “we’ll spend, spend, spend and spend some more”.

Translation: This is inflationary, to say the least.