Is This A Simple Stock Market Consolidation Or A Perilous Change In Market Dynamics?

Is the volatility in the markets just a bump in the road or is it a major tipping point? Economist Jerry Robinson explains his take on the recent market action…

Jerry Robinson interviewed on Reluctant preppers

(Recorded 4/8/18) Economist Jerry Robinson, author of “Bankruptcy of Our Nation” and head of, returns to Reluctant Preppers to weigh in on the volatility roiling all markets and whether this is a normal bump in the road or a major tipping point. Robinson lays out options for actions we can take to safeguard our best-eggs as we move into uncertain times ahead!

====== IN THIS INTERVIEW =======

  • Market uptrend transition into volatility
  • Pullback to 200DMA,volatility sharply increased.
  • We are amidst longest uptrend in history.. continue or collapse?
  • Too early to tell: We may be readying to resume uptrend, Or May be about to roll over through 3rd stage (volatility) and into stage 4 (decline)
  • Now is an important time to talk to your financial advisor about whether to position yourself protectively or even trend trade down…
  • Inverse ETFs in many sectors (electronics, volatility, etc) allow you to profit from declining markets.
  • Shield yourself where you can.
  • Diversifying into residential real-estate, cryptos, online business..
  • Cryptos: past their peak or here to stay?