Is There Any Good News? (Spoiler: If The US Dollar Hyperinflates Fast Enough, The Push To Global Unified Totalitarianism, Including In The U.S., May Fail)

Freedom & free market loving people should be doing everything they can to speed up the US dollar’s collapse, if they are to have a chance at salvaging either…

(by Half Dollar) Amazing, isn’t it?

There’s literally zero good news.


At least, I can’t find any.

I mean, we’re losing more and more freedom by the hour, and I do mean that quite literally, especially when we take into consideration the brand new travel restrictions that are set to begin in mere hours.

And our markets are totally phony and under non-stop intervention by The Cartel, which is not some shadowy group, but rather, the Exchange Stabilization Fund, the Fed, and agents acting on behalf of one or both, and this intervention is now causing severe distortions on Main Street.

Just go to any store in America, and this fact is blindingly obvious.

That is to say, you can’t tinker with the financial markets, nonstop, 24/7, for decades, go really hard with the manipulation and the rigging over the last ten or so years, and then go all in with the intervention, beginning in the late Summer/early Fall of 2019, without having those evil, corrupt and unethical distortions wreaking havoc in the real economy, which is now also constantly under attack by government at all levels, and so severe distortions on Main Street are exactly what we see with many businesses now permanently shuttered, store shelves less than half full, and wild swings in the prices of goods & services, if they can be found and are also for sale, and those are two big “ifs”.

So here’s the question: What is the solution, and is there any hope left at all?

The short answer is yes, there is hope, and the solution is simple, but most people are either evil or sheeple, so it is kind of an uphill battle.

There is hope for a speedy hyperinflation, but the people have to do their part, because there is no sitting back and trusting some stupid, non-existent plan.

I am hopeful that the crack-up boom and hyperinflationary death spiral of the US dollar happen very quickly, and that the financial obliteration of all things debt-based, which is everything dollar-based, including all of those retirement accounts, those pension funds, social security, and everything else, vaporize into nothingness rather soon.

Unfortunately, however, old people will fight the vets who will fight the Federal employees and retirees who will fight the disabled who will fight the systemically ‘discriminated against’ who will fight the etcetera who will fight the etcetera and etcetera.

And etcetera.


In other words, because of our own selfish greed and the fact that no American will truly sacrifice one stinkin’ penny of “entitlement” for the good of the nation, we will simply fight each other for every last remaining scrap until we collapse into something worse than Venezuela.

Dang shame.

The only hope for freedom and free markets in general, and the only hope for the United States specifically, is starving the beast, which means doing whatever one can to speed up the hyperinflationary death spiral of the US dollar, which is a mathematical certainty anyway.

Therefore, if the dollar goes before the cloud of darkness totally descends on America, there is still a chance.

The problem, however, is that so little light remains, and the darker it gets, the harder it becomes to salvage freedom, free markets, and quite simply, the United States.

Taking dollars and converting them into real money and holding it safe and securely outside of the financial system is one way to speed up the collapse:

At the end of January, 2021, that can be done for the stupid low price of less than thirty bucks per ounce.


The same thing can be said about gold:

With the exception of price.

For now.

You can opt-out of the US dollar system entirely by selling one ounce of gold for over 70 ounces of silver:

I personally will not be selling back, however, because I think we’re going to parity.

Palladium is one way to speed up the collapse

There are plenty of things a person can do when it comes to taking real money out of the system.

Well, there are four things, really, and it’s arguable whether four or two, but platinum is the fourth thing a person can do when it comes to taking real “money” out of the system:

When it comes to current US dollar price versus value, however, platinum is second only to silver.

That said, the key is converting dollars to precious metal and not converting the precious metal back into current dollars, but rather, holding through the collapse, but that, of course, assumes one is willing and able, which is easier said than done.

Copper could be a way:

Because copper is indeed “currency”, but it’s not really “money”, so it would not be my preferred way of speeding up the collapse of the US dollar.

Crude oil is still relatively cheap:

I keep saying it, but it is important, so let me say it once more: Use this cheap oil to your advantage with the remaining time we have to save America and, by extension, freedom and free markets.

Whether the hyperinflation is fast or drawn out, most people will lose absolutely everything “financial” that’s dollar-based, which quite literally means debt-based, whether the duped person believes he or she has financial “assets” or not, and that includes things such as the value of their portfolios, retirement accounts, savings, brokerage accounts, stocks, and more, and the sad fact is that most people are totally oblivious that this is coming:

Yet the simple fact is that most people are sheeple, and sheep are only meant to be fleeced or slaughtered.

The simple problem is that the shepherd is evil, so the sheep are not being fleeced for wool or slaughtered for meat but just being murdered for sport in some good old-fashioned fun.

Therefore, even if you “win” and “stick it to the man” by taking those “winnings” out of the rigged casino market and “stacking physical”, well, you’re still feeding the beast:

Feeding the beast is enabling the beast, and is that not just as evil?

I mean, if a person saw group of toddlers playing on a playground, and then that person unleased a pack of pit bulls on the toddlers to rip out their throats and maul them to death, I’m pretty sure everybody would agree that is evil, right?

So again, it’s too simple: Starve the beast.

The beast is starving you:

Ironic how that works out, isn’t it?

The problem is, the Federal Reserve Note, commonly called the “US Dollar”, in its current, Unconstitutional form, is unbacked, debt-based fiat currency dependent on exponential, unsustainable growth:

And the faster it goes, the better off Main Street will be.

That is, if we want a chance at salvaging freedom, free markets, and the very nation itself.

Thanks for reading,

Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart


Half Dollar’s VERY IMPORTANT Special Note: Bitcoin is part of the beast, and those who deny that absolute fact are idiots, liars, pumpers, or shills, at best.