Iran To Fall? Crippling Sanctions, Worldwide Shortage Of Medical Supplies & Many Nations Close Land & Air Borders With Iran

Add in the Deputy Health Minister who has now tested positive for Covid-19, and regime change isn’t hard to do if half of the population dies off…

(Silver Doctors Editors) It looks like regime change will soon be back on the table for the Warmongers of Washington, and a single shot might not even have to be fired.

The problem is, if the virus is as serious as people think it is, any regime changers taking advantage of the situation literally puts themselves at high risk of contracting Covid-19.

Nonetheless, here’s the latest development:

The Deputy Health Minister has tested positive for Covid-19.

He’s the guy on the left looking kinda sickly:

So the public health situation is rapidly deteriorating into an out-of-control crisis in Iran, just at the time when the top public health officials are either infected, or at very high risk of being infected.

Add to that the fact that the US has multiple sanctions on Iran at any given moment.

Those can be found and searched on the US Treasury Department’s “consolidated sanctions list” page.

In theory, medicine and other humanitarian supplies are excluded from the sanctions, however, in practice, if sanctions in general cripple Iran’s economy, then there is not really any free cash flow to prepare for a pandemic ahead of time by stocking up on some medical supplies.

Furthermore, with a worldwide shortage of medical supplies at the present time, the cost of medical supplies has been bid-up dramatically as businesses and governments all over the world compete for limited, critical medical resources.

But wait, there’s more!

That’s right, because Iran is an emerging Covid-19 hot spot right now:

Cases and deaths are on the rise, and other places report even higher numbers coming out of Iran..

The jump in cases and deaths means Iran is increasingly being cut-off from the rest of the world as 11 countries (at the time of this writing) have closed land and air borders with Iran:

Eleven countries across the Middle East have closed their air and land borders to Iran as the deadly coronavirus continues its spread throughout the Islamic Republic.Update: UAE authorities issue travel ban to Iran and Thailand over coronavirus outbreak.
Update: Oman authorities suspend all civil aviation with Iran following outbreak in country. (source)

A mass population die-off in Iran is something we discussed on Friday during Silver Doctors Live (started at the proper timestamp for your convenience):