Iran Not Backing Down As Trump Said? Iran-Backed Militia Apparently Firing Rockets At US Embassy In Iraq

There are reports of an active strike against the US Embassy in Baghdad, and this is happening AFTER Trump said “Iran appears to be standing down”…

(Silver Doctors Editors) There has been no official confirmation from the Department of Defense.

This information, however, is indeed in the mainstream media right now:


Here’s what is claimed to be video shot from inside the Green Zone a short while ago:

Recall that this comes after President Trump addressed the nation this morning regarding last night’s missile strike carried out by Iran, from within Iran, against two US military targets in Iraq.

Trump’s address from today can be seen right here (conveniently started at the appropriate time-stamp):

Even though Iran made the last move in escalating matters, the MSM is spinning the narrative that it is Iran who backed down, in part because President Trump said, “Iran appears to be standing down”.

Honest Question: If Irene fires rockets at Ulysses house, and Ulysses does nothing, who exactly stood down again?

Around 6:00 p.m. EST on Wednesday, January 8th, here’s how CNN is reporting on the attack:

Zero Hedge, however, around the same time, names who is behind the attack:

Silver Doctors Live spent most of today’s live-stream discussing these latest developments, including covering Trump’s address to the nation, live and in real-time:

Today’s show was instantly demonetized, which means we must be on to something!

For now, gold & silver are shrugging it off: