Inverted Yield Curve Coming As The Fed Threatens To Hike Interest Rates Into Recession

As Powell hints the Fed will continue hiking even if inflation doesn’t pick up, the yield curve is repeating history. Here’s what it means for the economy…

by Josh Sigurdson and John Sneisen of World Alternative Media

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about recent news out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming following the yearly summit of central planners.
There was a recent article featured on Seeking Alpha detailing concerns with a statement by Fed chair Jerome Powell regarding the yield curve inverting.

Powell hinted that The Fed may continue hiking short term interest rates even if inflation doesn’t move higher which could mean The Fed is willing to invert the yield curve.

We’ve been talking about the Treasury Yield Curve for some time at WAM and it’s important to know that the past is repeating again. John explains the most recent news and how it will affect the overall economy.


As per usual, we explain the serious problems that come with fiat currency and the inevitable fall of the dollar. All fiat currencies eventually revert to their true value of zero. They always have, they always will going back to 1024AD in China. This time will be no different.

One major problem is that we get people on both sides of the argument putting dates on the coming crash or recession which is not rational. You cannot put a date on the inevitable crash as the fundamentals are completely off the table. It’s absurd to think otherwise.

All one can do is get prepared and educate themselves, for with education comes action and understanding. Responsibility, one of the greatest hallmarks of freedom itself must be achieved. Independence from centralized entities. Self sustainability. Individualism.