Inflation To SKYROCKET! – Fed Says They Will Let Inflation “RUN HOT” As CRASH Approaches!

The Federal Reserve has lost all control…

by Josh Sigurdson and John Sneisen of World Alternative Media  with Tim Picciott

Josh Sigurdson talks with Tim Picciott of The Liberty Advisor about the Federal Reserve’s intention to let “inflation run hot” ahead of the next recession as it becomes increasingly more and more obvious that the Federal Reserve has lost all control and is desperately attempting to stop the dollar from plunging.
Inflation is the number one factor in poverty today and it’s incredibly important to note the significance of heightened inflation rates. It’s not that bread is getting more expensive, it’s that the money is worth less thanks to vast printing of fiat currency. Fiat currency always reverts to zero as history has shown and it’s causing the average person to work harder and make less money (or value) while struggling to stay afloat.
In this video we break down the important points you need to know as we approach a global collapse unlike any we’ve seen before. Meanwhile interest rates are heading into negative territory. That won’t end well…

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