Inflation Talk Louder Than Ever: Cartel To End It Now By ‘Crashing’ The Markets To Not Lose Control Of The ‘No Inflation’ Narrative?

There are at least two reasons the Cartel would want to end the inflation talk now. One of the reasons is because of silver, and the other reason…

(by Half Dollar) Inflation talk is everywhere, and it’s getting louder and louder.

I have been writing about inflation for years, and I get called an idiot when I say things are disappearing from store shelves, which things are, and when I say that inflation is skyrocketing, which inflation is. and I’ve been writing about the impending crack-up boom and hyperinflation of the US dollar a lot lately, but now, its seems like “inflation” is the talk of the town, be that town in the mainstream media, in the alternative-media, in the wannabe alternative-media, or in the so-called “financial press” media, because “inflation” is no longer a subject that can be ignored, but rather, it’s front-and-center.

Furthermore, Fed & Federal government statisticians are starting to have one heck of a time trying to maintain the narrative of “no inflation”.

So here’s the question: Would the Fed and the Federal government want to maintain the narrative of “no inflation”, or are they ready to embrace the rampant and nearly out of control inflation that everybody in the bottom 90% suffers through as if it were good thing?

For a minimum of two reasons, it seems to me the Fed and the Federal government will try to maintain control of the “no inflation” narrative.

First, the Federal government can’t “afford” to “borrow” at higher rates of interest, and we’ve all heard the whole, “since rates are so low, we should lock in some great funding now” talk before, which only adds fuel to the inflationary fire.

That is to say, in even simpler terms, our monetary system depends on borrowing more and more money at lower and lower rates, whether that is what the Fed and the Federal government are explicitly saying or not, because it’s an unbacked, debt-based fiat currency system, and what that type of system requires is exponential, unsustainable growth until that system blows-up, or breaks-down, or implodes, or whatever you want to call it.

Besides, nobody wants to be the politician in office when all of this goes down, and the politicians in office do, above all else, want to secure their posh pensions and cushy civilian consulting jobs after “serving” the “public”, and those are but two reasons for the continued proverbial can kicking, which means, in my opinion, more pain on Main Street and more gain on Wall Street, but let’s not get it twisted: The gain on Wall Street is not for you or I, although the brainwashed masses and the sheeple may think it so, but rather, the gain on Wall Street is for the corrupt group that has the access codes to the revolving door between Washington and Wall Street.

Dang shame.

But then again, we enable it, so we have only ourselves to blame.

Second, the Fed and the Federal government will want to maintain the “no inflation” narrative because of silver.

Silver is the real power of the people, and it is the one thing the Cartel fears more than anything in the entire world because if the Cartel can maintain control of silver, the Fed and the Federal government can maintain freedom and liberty destroying power over the people, and it’s obvious we’re at the end of the current Cartel’s grip on silver, with the “current Cartel” being the ESF, the Fed, and agents acting on behalf of one or both, and unless it’s not blindingly obvious, let me go ahead and spell it out: This fight will go on for the Cartel until the bitter end, and the closer we get to that end, the uglier and nastier the markets and the economy will be.

This is another reason why I think silver will not rise in the way that many people think it will rise, but that is the topic of another article for a different day.

Today, we’re talking about the talk of the town:


Crude oil, in fact, is above $60 right now:

If the Cartel crashes the markets, however, they can also take the commodities out back for a good old-fashioned beating, and as such, they can keep the Statisticians happy and the “no inflation” narrative going.

The stock market does look like it’s about to run over the edge of a cliff:

So yeah, when it comes to the Dollar Tree paint-by-numbers charts the Cartel uses, this picture looks scary-scary!

And to the “market participants”, it would have the look of coming out of nowhere:

Which is why I’m still sticking with my ongoing call.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, isn’t your call for a ‘crashing’ stock market, some temporary strength in the dollar and a spike low in silver to the teens?”.

Why yes, that is my current call, among other things.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, that’s hilarious because you’re just doubling down then Mr Sore Loser!”.

Yeah, thanks for pointing that out.

Let me point out yield on the 10-Year Note at 1.345%:

By crashing the stock market, and even if it’s not that severe of a crash, or even if it has a “v”-shaped recovery afterwards because of the so-called “Fed put”, the Cartel has the cover to really ram yields to the downside.

Furthermore, are we not to think the Fed, the corrupt bastards in the Federal government, and both the Fed and the corrupt bastards’ bestest buddies in Washington and on Wall Street are not positioned to score some major profits because of an imminent bid in the US bond market?

Of course, the US dollar looks like it’s set to begin falling again:

And since I’m doubling down on my call, or tripling down, or whatever, that means it’s a bear trap.


So far so good.

Like the base metals and other commodities, such as agricultural commodities, platinum is also screaming “inflation is here”:

Which is why it’s now or never for the Cartel, and in my opinion, “now or never” means by the end of April, but I really think it needs to be more imminent than that, as in, by the end of March if not beginning this very week.

We’ll see, just as we’ll see who catches up, or down, to who:

One of the reasons for may call is that silver has not only not outperformed gold to the downside, but silver has barely had any downside at all compared to gold’s ongoing weakness.

By the way, any weakness in gold or silver is artificial and compliments of the Cartel, which means said weakness a gift horse.

In gold, that gift is offered at a discount of over 13% from recent all-time highs:

All things considered, I’d say that’s one heck of a deal.

Silver, however, is the real deal:

In so many ways.

Thanks for reading,

Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart