I’m Giving It 45 Days: We NEED To See THIS Happen By Mid-July | Bill Holter

Many experts are predicting that something big is coming, and Bill’s timeline is also pointing to mid-July. Here’s what’s on Bill’s radar…

I struck a very controversial nerve last week when I featured a SD Exclusive look at two somewhat unrelated, yet totally related July, 2018 economic/financial predictions made by Marshall Swing and Doug Casey’s Team.

If two experts weren’t enough, now there’s another expert who is pointing to mid-July for certain events to happen.


“But Half Dollar, mid-July isn’t the week of July 20th – 27th”.

If get it.

Timing is always the tricky part.

But I’m not saying focus on the specific dates. I am reading into what is now many experts pointing to different things happening within the scope of weeks – all in July.

Is all of this one giant coincidence that we now have three experts saying to watch for something big?


Long interview short: Bill Holter was over at the  X22 Report Spotlight discussing some of the latest economic and geo-political news.

In fact, they didn’t just discuss what Bill needs to see happen by mid-July, but other macro-economic factors at play on the national and global scene right now.

In this interview, many important topics are discussed, including:

  • Big picture view of the economy
  • Credit crisis and the emerging market turmoil
  • The rise of China and the competition to the U.S. dollar system
  • Outlook for gold & silver
  • Status check on draining the swamp

For those topics and a whole lot more, including what Bill needs to see happen by mid-July, tune in to the interview in its entirety below this post.

So the question for discussion: Is this all just a big coincidence?

Well, whatever it is, we don’t have to wait long to find out.

Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar




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