If Trump’s Not A Deep State Globalist In Patriot’s Clothing, Then Why Does He Toe The Deep State Line On The Boston Marathon Bombing (And That Other Infamous Date After The Turn Of The Century)?

Or is this just more “4-D Chess” with a little bit of “Trust the Plan” sprinkled on top for good fun?




(by Half Dollar) I have never gone down the Boston Marathon Bombing rabbit hole.

I did, however, go down the rabbit hole to that most infamous of days in early 21st Century American History, and that journey is what consequently got me to “wake-up”.

Side note to ‘woke’ people, for whatever that even means anymore: Quit wasting precious time and energy trying to “wake people up”, for those who can and would be awake already are.

Regardless, Paul Craig Roberts has gone down the Boston Marathon Bombing rabbit hole, and according to the former Assistant Treasury Secretary, the guy Trump LITERALLY wants to be killed by the government (Tsarnaev) wasn’t even involved (bold added for emphasis):

Some years ago John Remington Graham and I demonstrated conclusively that the FBI’s own evidence proved conclusively that, even if there really was a bombing for which there is much exposed false evidence, the Tsarnaev brothers were not involved. You can find our analysis in my articles archive on my website.

Since I haven’t gone down the Boston Marathon Bombing rabbit hole, I must yield to an expert who has, and Paul Craig Roberts is not only that expert but a real American Patriot, and I believe him.

By the way, we spoke with him just last month:

Paul Craig Roberts was also one of the first to shout from the rooftops, “George Floyd died of a Fentanyl overdose”.

Here and here are a couple examples of that.

But I digress.

Why am I bringing up Paul Craig Roberts in an article about Trump?

Because Trump said this just the other day, and I hadn’t noticed until just now:

Are the Red Hats just going to let this slide too?

Indeed they will.

The Sheep are incapable of seeing the wolves in sheeps’ clothing, just like the Patriots are unable to see that Trump is a Deep State Globalist in Patriot’s Clothing.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, you’re wrong man, for Donald J. Trump, the best President in the history of all past, present and future history of America, is playing 4-D Chess, and since you can’t even play checkers, how in the world would you know what his motivations are for saying that?”.

Oh, come on.

Lay off the Kool Aid just a little, will ya?

Oh, I forgot: He just needs more time, a second term, right?

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, seriously man, you have interpretation issues, so at least lay-off on the N1n3-313V3N stuff, because he really didn’t toe the party line in that Tweet like you said!”.


Can’t do that.

Because he does indeed toe the party line:

After all, “Never Forget” is a Deep State Globalist battle cry.

And don’t give me that crap about, “Americans couldn’t handle so much truth all at once”, either!

What ever happened to smaller government that he promised?

What ever happened to the people gaining back some Freedom and Liberty?

What ever happened to Lock Her Up?

What ever happened to Draining the Swamp?

What ever happened to the 9,783,463 and growing sealed indictments?

What ever happened with throwin’ the Deep State Globalist Traitors in GITMO?

What ever happened to the Mass Arrests, and the Military Tribunals?

Spoiler alert: Most of the Deplorables and All of the Red Hats have been duped.

Or they’re paid shills.

Or they’re newsletter writers or YouTube content creators and they’re perfectly happy spewing the lies because it generates the Google ad revenue.

Take your pick.

Finally, do you need more Proof Trump will not do anything that’s “good for gold”?

Start here.

Honest Question: When will real American Patriots finally realize that Trump is not the man they think he is, but rather, BEFORE all else, he’s an Actor and a Salesman, and he’s ACTING like he’s a Patriot doing things for ‘Merica, but he’s really SELLING what’s left of America down the river.

At the very least, even if I’m wrong, which is certainly unlikely at this point, rallying behind Trump is like rallying behind the Captain of the Titanic.

Energy and effort are better directed elsewhere…