If They Can’t Let The Moon Landing Truth Out, ‘Space Force’ Marks Start Of The Crack-Up Boom?

SD Outlook: Gold & silver are looking to rally this week, just don’t get to thinkin’ they’re going to the moon. Pun and no pun intended. Here’s why it matters…

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Army guys used to (still do?) joke with the ex-Marines who switched over to the Mickey Mouse side of the US Military for whatever reason.

Army Guy: Hey, what was it like working for the Department of the Navy?

ex-Marine: It’s the Men’s Department!

That joke may not have been particularly funny, but Army jokes get really raunchy and very vile pretty fast, and I bring up that joke because I’m wondering if the Space Force is part of the Air Force in the same way that the Marine Corp is part of the Department of the Navy?

Maybe somebody who knows some of the more interesting details can call-in to our live-stream today to give us the quick and dirty run-down because I’m really not sure if Space Force is a “BINO”, a “Branch In-Name Only”?

Regardless, most of the money is going to get stolen, squandered and wasted, as does nearly every single dollar the Federal Government prints spends.

All jokes aside, however, how are the Deep State and Globalists going to deal with what is certain to be an increase in natural curiosity about outer space in general, and about the moon landing specifically, at least in the short-term from the boost of MSM coverage?

Or, perhaps I am wrong, and I’m giving people too much credit for being intelligent when in reality the Deep State and Globalists have dumbed-down the entire globe’s population more than enough, so that natural curiosity is possible, though the kind of creative curiosity necessary to lead one into questioning the official propaganda is not?

They are sheeple, after all.

Or brainwashed zombies.

And no, while were on such a topic that whips-up the pseudo-sentient masses into a frenzy, Half Dollar ain’t no dang flat-earther.

I subscribe to the theory that “flat earth” is a Deep State developed psy-op, but I admit I haven’t spent a minute researching any of it, either.

Regardless, I think my question is important.


Because there are a lot of otherwise smart people out there who actually think that we went to the moon, as in, the “moon landing”, and I’m just not so sure how the government is going to be able to keep one of the greatest hoaxes of all time, well, a hoax?

Think about it like this and you will understand the cognitive dissonance engaged upon by the moon landing hoax deniers: Humans today, at least “Westerners”, in the 21st century, how I understand it, as dumb as we are, understand the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh’s were not actually Gods, and we have a hard time coming to understand how the ordinary Egyptians at the time thought they were Gods, and in much of the same way, in another 100 years, humans will have a hard time understanding why so many humans alive today thought that humans actually landed and walked on the moon?

I’ve noticed a trend in Hollywood movies about outer space.

In the past, Hollywood movies would be so unrealistic, fantastical, and they were generally apocalyptic in nature, highlighting the few human survivors struggling to survive as they do battle with nasty space aliens that are immune to the elements and far more advanced.

Yeah, Hollywood came to understand that nobody would believe those movies.

So what does Hollywood’s outer space genre look like today?

Human struggle.

That’s what it looks like.

No space aliens needed!

I think back to that one recent movie (within the last couple of years) about that one American astronaut stuck on Mars, and he was like planting potatoes or something, struggling against only the elements, with hopes of surviving long enough to be rescued.

Now, that is an outer space movie that the dumbed-down humans of today would find believable, but, more importantly, in my opinion, that movie highlights an important shift in the psy-op coming out of Hollywood: Don’t go for the fantasy stuff that nobody would believe, and instead, go for the more human side of the outer space story.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, why in the heck are you talking about the moon landing today?”.

Good question: Because on the one hand I’m thinking this Space Force, and, by extension, all of this government spending largess, could lead to a bump in economic activity, but I’m not sure if it would be localized or widespread?

I’m assuming that a Space Force actually “stands up”.

Here’s a question: How are we going to pay for a sixth branch of the US military, and, more importantly, why are we placing such a heavy debt burden on our children and future children to do so?

And, finally, perhaps a more important question: Does standing-up the Space Force mark the bottom in velocity of money and the start of the crack-up boom?

It very well could be.

If this is the start of the crack-up boom, the Deep State and Globalists will never have to let the “moon landing was a hoax” cat out of the bag.


Because in my opinion, the crack-up boom will last one year from the time it begins, and it ends with a hyper-inflationary death spiral of all fiat currencies, including the US dollar, climaxing with the global monetary reset.


Probably nothing.

Advanced space aliens with ninja-like invisibility are real, humans walked on the moon, and the dollar always has been and always will be.

Check-out silver punching through its 50-day moving average:

For the chart huggers out there, it would be nice to see a quick run to $18, followed by a pullback that paints a “cup-n-handle”, which would put us at $20 to end the year or begin the next.

If silver begins 2020 at $20 that would be incredibly bullish, and I think it’s possible we get there very soon.

Remember: It’s easy to get price, or time, but it’s hard to get both price and time, but I’d be looking for $20 silver before the end of January at the latest as an uber-bullish scenario.

If we can run to $20 that fast, I think we’ll be over $50 in no-time, and price may even get a little out-of-hand for the cartel, so they’ll probably let it even run up to $100 real quick, for the purposes of re-stocking those coffers, because, you know, silver is actually a thing, and if that happens, people will be both stunned, and, thinking the “bull market” is over.

But it won’t be over.

It will have only just begun.

Gold has begun the week above its 50-day moving average as well:

It’s going to take a lot of precious metal to actually stand up a Space Force.

The gold-to-silver ratio could be in the 70s by the end of the week:

The stock market may be getting the attention, and for good reason, at least for the mainstream, because in my opinion, gold & silver are about to steal the show, and the MSM propagandists want as few people knowing that as possible.

Here comes palladium, here comes palladium, right down Santa Clause Lane to its 50-day moving average as expected:

If the precious metals are rallying here, and I think they are rallying here, then I’d be looking for less time riding the major moving average than before.

$20 is to silver as $1000 is to platinum:

With two market holidays over the next two weeks, the moves in the precious metals, platinum included, could catch a lot of people off guard.

The price at the pump will start catching people off guard just as those Christmas credit card bills begin to come due:

A year ago the price for a barrel of crude oil was in the low $40s, and ran as high as $66.60, and it looks like we very well could be starting 2020 in the low $60s with rising crude oil prices.

He didn’t give us the “infrastructure spend” as promised, but Space Force will require a crap-ton of copper:

For months I’ve been saying the bottom is in, and, more importantly, it means the bottom is in for the supposed “deflation” cycle.

Someone spiked the S&P’s egg nog:

On the one hand, the technicals are getting extreme, but on the other hand, if you’re the cartel, it’s easy to buy the indexes to boost the stock market.

The problem is knowing when they’re going to pull the plug, so unless you’re on the inside with that specific knowledge, then good luck!

A few people will get lucky, and people do in fact win the Lottery, so I it is possible to be lucky and get the timing correct.

Steve Mnuchin would like to remind you that he has everything under control:

Just seek out the safety of US stocks, where there’s not a “fear” in the market!

Just a friendly reminder that this is going to become a problem:

I’ve been looking for a move to 2.0%, but if we’re actually in the melt-up, blow-off top phase of the stock market, I wouldn’t be surprised if yield ran up to 2.2%.

The dollar index is still in its allowable range of 96 to 98:

The question is, the next time we move to the lower end of the channel, does the US dollar break-down?

The bottom line as we find ourselves here this beautiful Monday during Christmas week, 2019?

President Trump just gave the Deep State & Globalists a gold mine in the Space Force.

Trump promised an “infrastructure spend”, but hey, who needs road & bridges?

Like that Hollywood movie said, “where we’re going, there are no roads”.

The winner here is the Deep State US Military Industrial Complex.

Candidate Trump said he would make government smaller.

Candidate Trump said he wouldn’t start new wars.

But if it’s for the sake of Galactic Security?

I guess we can let that one just slide.

And if it’s a war in outer space?

Well, who could’a saw that?

Big government is back!

And Pro-war is back!

Crack-up boom?

Just started?

On earth?




Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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U.S. Army Iraq War Combat Veteran Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart has an AS in Information Systems and Security from Western Technical College and a BA in Spanish from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Paul dived into gold & silver in 2009 as a natural progression from the prepper community. He is self-studied in the field of economics, an active amateur trader, and a Silver Bug at heart.

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