If The Trump Administration Didn’t Give Away Our N-95 Masks To China In February, We’d Have Some!

The US Surgeon General says “Seriously people- STOP BUYING MASKS!”. Seriously. Then he said a bold-faced lie and put a social stigma on prevention…


Editor’s Note: If you need supplies, go before the panic buying begins. You really don’t want to get caught up in the panic buying because this isn’t like Black Friday, and it isn’t like buying supplies ahead of a hurricane or snow storm because panic buying in 2020 comes with a deadly twist – an unseen coronavirus.


So, this is actually a real Tweet:

Masks are “NOT effective”?


I’m speechless.

Either our Surgeon General is lying, or I’m too dumb to understand that novel coronaviruses know the difference between a “healthcare worker” and the “general public” and can act on that knowledge.

More importantly, our “interim” Surgeon General just put a stigma on the public use of masks.


I wonder how many tens of thousands of Americans will die because they’re too ashamed to put on a mask in public?

And, as a friendly reminder, ALL MESSAGING from government officials to the public now has to be pre-approved ahead of time by Coronavirus Czar Mike Pence, something I discussed on Friday during Silver Doctors Live, and this is the kind of stuff they approve?


This is more evidence of a US government totally botching its response to the coronavirus.

We’ve been talking about the coronavirus on Silver Doctors Live since January 20th.

Here’s what I specifically said about N-95 masks on Silver Doctors Live on January 24th (video will play at the appropriate time stamp for mentioning n-95 masks):

So essentially, the US Surgeon General wants you to pay even more when you finally get around to getting a mask, that is, if you’ve remained uninfected that long and can afford it by the time you need it.


Well, perhaps if we wouldn’t have given away all of our precious medical supplies to begin with, we wouldn’t be in the predicament the US Surgeon General is losin’ his crap over!

But don’t take ‘Ol Half Dollar’s word for it, see from President Trump’s Secretary of State Mike Pompeo himself:

That was more than a week after Trump created his Coronavirus Task Force!


And for anybody who thinks I’m being too harsh because I’m criticizing a carefully crafted Tweet posing as “humanitarian relief” from “U.S. organizations”, well, President Xi is a big enemy.

Those are President Trump’s words, not mine:

Good thing he’s not our friend!

There is a point here: We’ve been covering how the US government is botching the response to this since day one, and not only is the botching of the response going to get worse from here, but because of putting all of our trust, faith and confidence in the federal government in general, our rockstar president specifically, and a CDC that makes me wonder if “control” in the acronym is actually referring to “population” and not diseases, many more people will begin dying in the United States, aggravated by the official response.

I do not trust the government’s response, I have zero faith in the government’s response, and I have no confidence in the government’s response.

The government’s response is going to get hundreds of thousands if not millions killed over this.

Not only am I not exaggerating, but they won’t even tell us the actual, true body count:

That’s from NORTHCOM CONPLAN 3551.

The US Military is telling us they will carry out their response to Covid-19 by, among other things, using the approach outlined in the NORCOM CONPLAN 3551.

In other news, I took this picture in Walmart yesterday:

Somebody’s in desperate need of bleach, and the panic buying hasn’t come to my neck of the woods yet either.

Good luck to all of the homeless out there in sunny California during such a difficult time.

On second thought, good luck to everybody in California.

On third thought, good luck all.


Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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