Hyperinflation Watch: Crab Sells For Record $46,000 (Dollars), Crushes Prior Record (2018) Of $18,000

Hungry? This 2.5 pound (1.2 kilo) crab’s got “long legs, fat, solid meat filling and rich creamy innards”…

Hyperinflation starts at the periphery, at the low end and at the high end.

At the low end, in the United States, I’ve seen tiny-little bags of no-name, generic laundry detergent at Dollar General, in locked cases!

Oh yeah, it was several years ago when I saw that too.

Has anybody else seen this kind of stuff?

It’s the kind of stuff you see in the third world.

You’ll know it’s getting bad not if, but when they start selling individual cigarettes at gasoline stations and convenient stores.

On the high end, we see adult beverages selling at record high prices.

There are plenty of examples of real-time hyperinflation on our Hyperinflation Watch pages.

This week we have another record to share, in the form of a snow crab.

I sure do hope they handle that sucker with care!

From CNA:


The crab may weigh 1.2 kilos, but exactly how much of that is edible?

Regardless, here’s some coverage of the crab, via CNN:

The bid smashes the previous Guinness world record holding snow crab sale of 2 million yen ($18,000), which was set last year — also in Tottori.
This week’s winning bidder was Tetsuji Hamashita, president of fishery wholesaler Hanashita Shoten.
“I know it’s extreme. But it’s the custom,” Hamashita told CNN. “But I am sure the taste of the crab matches the price.”
This year’s snow crab hunting season began on Wednesday, November 6, with the first auction — dubbed the “festive quotation market” — taking place the following day.
While it’s typical for prices to start high on opening day — auction goers believe it’s auspicious to buy the first and best catch of the season — Hamashita said he expected the winning bid to be closer to 3 million yen.
According to the organizers, auction attendees were surprised by the price as well, with many shouting “banzai” (an auspicious cheer meaning “long life”) and applauding.

Hyperinflation isn’t coming.
Hyperinflation’s here.
At the high end.
And low end.
No escape.
From it.
At all.
Stack accordingly…
– Half Dollar


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