“Perfect Beast Of A Storm” Hurricane Dorian Intensifies To A “Catastrophic” Cat 5

People thinking they were in the clear may find out they now have very little time to prepare. Here’s the latest…

Hurricane Dorian has intensified:

Sunday morning update from the National Hurricane Center


Dorian may have been a tropical storm last week, but it is a catastrophic hurricane now.

Here is the projected forecast cone from 8:00 a.m. EST Sunday, September 1st:

According to the latest forecast, Dorian looks like it will be wreaking havoc on a large swath of the East Coast for most of the week, if not all of it, unless, of course, the hurricane changes direction.

Sunday morning coverage of this “perfect beast of a storm”, via Fox News:

Without a doubt there are people who thought they were in the clear from a relatively minor hurricane some days ago, but now those same people may be caught off guard with little time to prepare, with the Carolina coastlines coming to mind.

Last minute preparation advice, from Daisy Luther at The Organic Prepper

How should you get prepared?

If you’re anywhere on the southern end of the East Coast, I strongly urge you to get prepared. This hurricane has surprised forecasters twice now, so it isn’t a stretch of the imagination to believe it may surprise them again.

This round-up has 10 articles that will help you get prepped in a hurry if you weren’t expecting a visit from Dorian. And this article has some last-minute shopping ideas when the shelves are bare.

If your local stores have run out of bottled water, don’t despair. Purchase containers and fill them up with tap water. If you have a Water Bob, you’ll want to get it ready to pop into your tub. If you don’t have on, scrub your bathtub down and rinse it well, then be ready to fill it with water as the storm draws near. Fill every container in your house with water.

Freeze some of your water to help keep your refrigerated goods cold for longer. As things thaw out, you’ll have fresh cold water.

Grab some food that doesn’t require cooking if you’re prepping at the last minute. Use some of the foods from your freezer to throw on your grill when the storm has subsided. Organize your refrigerator and freezer now so you can quickly reach in and grab things.

Be prepared for a lengthy power outage. Often after hurricanes, it can take weeks for electricity to be restored. This book can help, but be sure to print it off before you lose power.

Here’s hoping that Hurricane Dorian heads back out to sea, but remember this important adage: Hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

August was quite the chaotic month in the “markets”.

September may be one chaotic month as well.

In the real world and also on Main Street.

Stay safe out there amid the risks.

From shootings to hurricanes.

“Situational awareness”.

That will save lives.


It’s a killer.




Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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